2001 Grants

Introduction to World Music and Drumming

Cole School and Vinal School students will be dancing to the beat of many different drummers thanks to Nancy Megrian and Liza Root! With this grant the students in grades K-5 will be introduced to the music of other cultures through the use of percussion instruments from around the world.

Listening Stations

Gail Horsefield and Nancy Sciaraffa are both proponents of Listening Centers at the Elementary schools and each will provide their students with these small group environments to enhance their reading experiences.
Building Simple Machines for Hands-on Science Can first and second graders build a better mousetrap? Linda Knowles wants to find out! Her grant will provide the materials to build simple machines for hands-on science.

Math Manipulatives

Math manipulatives will be purchased with Christina Austin’s grant. Manipulatives enrich the classroom and help cement concepts and ideas in students’ long term memories.

Norwell Elementary School FIRST LEGO League Robotics Team

Robots are now being spotted in the Cole School! Thanks to this grant the Cole school will be taking their Lego robotics program to the next level and will send at least one team to the state FIRST LEGO League tournament.

Lego/Technics Simple Machines

Christina Austin will be calling upon her third grade students to develop an understanding of simple machines and how they work with this grant.

Building Better Readers with an Early Literacy Foundation

All kindergarten students will have access to multisensory reading readiness manipulatives thanks to this grant from Sue Barrett and Marianne Murphy.

Centers are Central

Mary Eppich wants students to take an active part in their own learning. The centers purchased with this NEF grant will help the children follow-up what has been taught and reinforce the teaching.

Creating Literacy Centers

Vinal School teachers Jessica Fagan, Kerri Fuller and Carol Graham will strengthen the process of learning to read and write by creating literacy centers in their classrooms.

Expanding the Reading Experience at the Primary Level

Students will be motivated and develop confidence that will support a “true love of reading” with the computer software provided by Beverly Henderson’s grant.

Wild Wings II

Things are looking up for 1st, 3rd, and 4th graders at Vinal School as they look to the sky to study local birds and their habitats. This grant will include materials from the Museum of Science as well as a visit to the Daniel Webster Wildlife Sanctuary.

Primary Sources for Hands-on History

Portfolios of full-size reproductions of actual documents, maps and photographs will allow students in the middle school to see and touch elements of history. The 6th grade teachers hope the materials purchased with this grant will help students seek history on their own, develop informed opinions and experience history through stimulating activities.


Jen Sulc, Bob Bergquist and Jim Morse believe that GeoSafari electronic machines will increase students’ motivation to learn about geography. These machines will be used to enhance their teaching of U.S. and world geography and cultures.

Accelerated Reader

The Accelerated Reader program encourages students at the Middle School to pursue independent reading. This grant will supply both nonficition and fiction books as well as the computer quiz software to measure each student’s comprehension.


If engaging 8th grade students in History lessons is the problem, Derek Sulc has found the solution! A subscription to HistorySolutions.com will provide students with an invaluable source of United States History lessons and information.

Social Studies Grades 6 & 7

The Norwell Middle School library will benefit from Judith Lowe’s grant for CNN’s 12 title Social Studies Video Library. These videos cover the exploration of ancient cities to today’s countries of the world and provide a balanced and unbiased perspective that students can use to form their own opinions.

Just How Hot Is Hot?

7th & 8th grade budding scientists will be conducting experiments to deepen their understanding of heat energy and how it can be transferred in our natural environment.

Let’s Think Scientifically

This grant will focus on the scientific method and allow groups of students to explore basic lab inquiry concepts in middle school science.

Career Development

It’s never too early to think about the future! Lois Wheelockwill be using her grant funding to pilot a career development program at the middle school level. The goal of this grant is for students to demonstrate growth in self-knowledge and career exploration while demonstrating a deeper understanding of their aptitudes, strengths and interests.

Mathematics Competition

NEF is proud to be able to continue our support Virginia Giordano and the High School Math Team. This grant provides the funding for competition in 6 thirty minute contests each containing six questions and involves not only classroom math skills but also critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Web Pages in the Math Classroom

This grant authored by Jay Swartz will provide for instruction to Norwell Math teachers on how to set up and use web pages for their math classes.

Balsawood Bridge Building Competition

All High School Geometry students will enjoy the benefits of M.E. Connor’s grant. Students will build balsawood structures and have the opportunity to apply what’s learned in class to a hands-on, real world problem.

Norwell High School Best Buddies High School Chapter

Thanks to the efforts of Missy Gerety and Judy Field, Norwell High School will be establishing a “best Buddies High School Chapter.” Best Buddies provides opportunities for one to one friendships between people with mental retardation and non-disabled peers.