2002 Grants

Cole School

Making Connections Between Science and Math — Kindergarten

  • Provide developmentary appropriate activities of key math and science concepts via multi-purpose materials to be purchased (e.g. Linking cubes, multilink graphing board, software)

“FIRST JR. LEGO League” Robotics Team- Grade 4-5

  • Continuation of LEGO robotics program. Hope to send at least one team to the state “FIRST LEGO League” tournament and other local tournaments. Grant will be used for First LEGO Team registration, upgrade pieces and access to FIRST web page

Implementing Harmonic Awareness in Music Classroom using Contrabass Resonator Bars – Grades 3-5

  • Provide hands on experience of simple harmonic patterns using Resonator bars

Individualized Math Skill Development Through the Use of Interactive Multimedia Technology – Grade 5

  • Grant used to purchase CD “lab packs” to provide interactive instruction to help child understand math concepts and develop better problem solving strategies.

Vinal School

Math Enrichment and Practice Center – Grade 3

  • Math enrichment and practice center will be an attractive, child friendly place in class room where students can independently access material to extend their knowledge and practice mathematics. Grant would purchase supplies to set up center.

Traveling Tales – Home School Connection Enhancing Learning – Kindergarten

  • Grant would be used to purchase take home backpacks with story telling kits to provide children with a hands-on means or retelling stories.

Language Explosion – Integrated Preschool

  • To increase developmentally appropriate and educational materials in order to continue implementing a comprehensive and stimulating curriculum. Grant would be spent on books, manipulative, CD/cassette recorder and classroom recorder.

Literacy and Beyond — Kindergarten

  • Purchase of materials to enable students to hear stories aloud which helps develop fluency. Materials include Listening center table, recorder, headphones tapes etc.

Orff Schulwerk – Brass Metallophone – K-5

  • Purchase of Brass metallophone to facilitate harmonic accompaniment to singing, opportunities to improvise and composemusic, to play as an ensemble and enhance listening skills.

Middle School

Geography Group – Grades 6-8

  • Update materials from NEF grant 3 years ago. Objective to make geography an integral part of our everyday lives.

Weaving In History Phase I Grades 6&7

  • Purchase of friendly Tapestry loom and supplies. Tapestry design will depict the culture the students are studying in Social Studies. Family and Consumer Science students will do work on loom during their classes.

Recreating the Living Past – Grade 6

  • Purchase materials and supplies to acquire hand-on experience so that student can see themselves as an extension of a living past Units include Early Man, Egypt, India and China

Investigating With Geosolids Grade 8

  • To aid in the “identification of 3-dimensional figures” Grant would purchase kits and materials

Exploring Hands-On Physical Activities Grade 7

  • Purchase of kits and other materials to demonstrate several science principles

Weaving In History Phase II Grade 8

  • Purchase of A/6 22 inch loom and accessories. This loom is typical of those found in farms prior to the Industrial Revolution. Loom will be displayed in Community Room. Family and Conumer Science studentS will do work on loom during their classes.

High School

NEML & AMC Math Competitions Grades 9-12

  • Materials and registration for New England Math League and American Mathematics Competition

Non-fiction Audio & Video Documentaries Grade 12

  • Purchase video and audio documentaries to help the students on work on heir listening and viewing skills and respond orally and in writing.

Balsawood Bridge Building Competition – All Geometry students

  • Purchase of Bridge kits. This will be the 4th year building balsawood bridges.

Artist in Residence – Grades 9-12

  • For Ann Heywood, a nationally known pastel artist, for 5 days