2003 Grants

Cole School

Enhancing Pre-Writing and Writing Skills in Young Children:

  • Sue Barrett and Darlene Guerriero will have the pre-schools and kindergarteners writing with confidence. The Handwriting Without Tears program will help the children to develop fine motor muscles and visual perceptual skills all before writing their first letter.

Planting a Kinder-Garden:

  • What better way for the kindergarteners to learn about the life cycle of plants and the effects of climate and seasons. With their fifth grade buddies, they will create a living laboratory, watch their plants grow and document their ongoing observations in a picture portfolio.

Electronic Scales:

  • Veronica Williamson and Bob Lynch have weighed in on a way to make learning decimals and the three states of matter fun. With electronic scales, the 4th graders will be on measuring weights of solids and volumes of liquids.

Adding Thrills to Basic Skills:

  • Linda Knowles knows that novelty and high interest activities will always motivate a young learner. Her students can visit their classroom library to practice their language arts, math and science skills. Puzzles, board games, write and wipe cards, practice boards, CDs and other hands on activities will reinforce learning in areas of story writing, vocabulary, adding and subtracting, anatomy, weather and simple machines.

Recess Robotics:

  • What child doesn’t love Legos? Amy Macklin will use recess to introduce the third grade children to Lego Robotics. Team building and problem solving will go hand in hand as small groups of children work together to build their robot and accomplish various programming tasks.

Timing is Everything:

  • Get fit while recording and analyzing the results. In Physical Education class, 4th grade students will use stopwatches, heart rate monitors and jump ropes to monitor their speed, heart rate and recovery rate. They will then take the data to their math class where they will keep a journal of their results and enjoy the health benefits of exercise.

Vinal School

Myths, Legends and More:

  • Learning Through Stories: Kelli Meade’s 4th graders will be telling tall tales when they explore ancient civilizations while reading, studying and comparing myths, fables, legends and fairy tales.

Reaching and Teaching All Children — A Mind at a Time:

  • Based upon the work of Dr. Mel Levine, the entire Vinal School professional staff will participate in a program that has been designed to help gain better insight and understanding of the 8 neurodevelopmental functions that impact learning. Educators and students will become more adept at identifying individual learning patterns in order to maximize potential to succeed in school

Family Concert at the James Library:

  • Working with the James Library, Liza Root brings the family together at a woodwind chamber ensemble. The concert focuses on the fundamentals of music in a fun and interactive way allowing parents to experience first hand what their children have been learning in class.

Book Bags — One Simple Way to Bridge Home and School:

  • Kerri Fuller’s first graders will be traveling with their stories. Through Book Bags, books with activities designed for students to take home, they will continue to read and explore stories independently and with their families. These book bags are a great way to bridge learning in school with activities at home.

Norwell Middle School

Multicultural Fiction:

  • Judith Lowe knows that in order to prepare our student to live in the 21st century, an increased understanding of the cultures is a must. Her student will accomplish this be reading exciting and fascinating stories about other people.

Ropes Course Adventure Program:

  • Building confidence and providing support to others while increasing agility, balance and coordination has proven successful with this Ropes Course Adventure program. Students will learn that they can offer a wide array of skills and abilities to not only themselves but to others.

Investigating the Crust Beneath Our Feet:

  • Hands-on lab experiments will keep Wayne Bossa’s science students intrigued as they study the composition of the earth’s crust. Working with concepts of drill core analysis, gravity, mineral crystallization and buoyancy, students will take their understanding of mass, density and volume to new levels.

Digital Photography in the Foreign Language Classrooms:

  • Where in the world in Senorita Durica? As she studies with the Spanish Embassy, Senorita Durica will communicate with her students via email and send them digital pictures and hints as to her geographic location. Joe Davenport’s Latin students will explore classical architecture in Norwell and Boston and compare it to examples from ancient

Norwell High School

High School Advisory Program:

  • The advisory program will enable Norwell High School staff and students to know and understand each other better, in turn, improving our ability to support students in the multitude of challenges, efforts and risks they take as student in a 21st century American high school.

Balsawood Tower Building Competition:

  • Mary Ellen Connor takes building towers to new heights using the basic concept of congruent triangles. Teams of students will construct their own towers while taking into consideration the man made and natural forces that can act on their structure.

Traveling Art Exhibition:

  • Under the leadership of Paul Papadonis, art students will have the opportunity to submit their work to the ‘Traveling Exhibition’. If chosen, their work will be professionally matted and framed before being displayed at various businesses in and around Norwell.

Arts in Bloom:

  • Come visit the Norwell High School library and enjoy the joint efforts of visual arts and creative writing students who have come together with a local floral designer to create a vivid art display.

Engineering Invention and Design:

  • Using the Gears-Invention and Design System, a team of students in the engineering and design program will challenge their skills in Science, Technology and Engineering by creating electro-mechanical and pneumatic powered machines.

NEML/AMC Competitions:

  • Thanks to Virginia Giordano’s grant, students will participate in contests testing math skills and critical thinking/problem solving strategies. The students are able to compete not only within the school but also with other schools throughout New England.