2004 Grants

Cole School

Rapid Rewards to Reading: Linda Knowles knows that learning to read can be quite challenging for her first graders and motivation is the key to success. Lexia provides auditory interactive activities that reinforce the sound/symbol relationship and develops automatic word recognition. Additionally, appropriate supplemental reading material can go home so each child can practice with his/her parent.

Family, Facts and Fun: Nicole Mele and Jacqui Carton have found a way to make math fun to practice at home with “Family Games Kits”. These kits will bring the whole family together while practicing key skills and concepts which will be recorded in a journal so each child’s progress can be seen throughout the school year.

It’s About Time: Time and money.Cole School kindergarteners will never be late again after learning to tell time with their own mini clocks. In addition, after using coin stamps to learn at school, they will be able to count your loose change at home.

Vinal School

Making Our Way with Math and Science:

  • Lego Technic Kits will help fourth graders at Vinal School learn the concept of simple machines. By incorporating engineering design and technology into a building plan, the relationship between math and science is reinforced.

Bringing Science to Life:

  • Charts, diagrams, experiments, color photographs, and current events will come alive with this supplemental pair-share based learning material. All fifth graders build on their science knowledge base with this supplemental reading, hands-on activities and related videotapes.

Listening Lessons:

  • Liza Gagnon’s students will be octaves ahead in their music lessons. They will listen to music, take notes and analyze components during class and share their talents at many of the school’s performances.

Norwell Middle School

Earthquake Engineering Simulation:

  • Wayne Bossa’s seventh grade students will team up to construct safe, strong structures and test their integrity by simulating one of nature’s forces at work. Engineering, math, data analysis and team building are the key elements to making this project a success.

Ropes Course Adventure Program:

  • Building confidence and providing support to others while increasing agility, balance and coordination has proven successful with the Ropes Course Adventure program at the Goldman School. Students will learn a wide array of team building skills and abilities. I beams will complete the installation at the Middle School. Let the games begin!

READ Magazine:

  • A mix of short stories, plays, fiction, non-fiction and other high interest articles are all used to excite students about reading while building comprehension, vocabulary, fluency and language arts skills. This bi-weekly publication will be available to all sixth grade students and many of the seventh and eighth graders as well.

Digital Photography in the Foreign Language Classrooms:

  • Where in the world in Senorita Durica? As she studies with the Spanish Embassy, Senorita Durica will communicate with her students via email and send them digital pictures and hints as to her geographic location. Joe Davenport’s Latin students will explore classical architecture in Norwell and Boston and compare it to examples from ancient

Norwell High School

Introduction to Forensic Sciences:

  • With forensic science quickly gaining popularity, Arianne Lozan’s students will use today’s current events to simulate a murder investigation and bring their chemistry class into the real world. In their crime scene lab, they will analyze over the counter drugs, identify unknown substances, learn techniques of blood glow and examine gunshot residue.

Capturing Water and Underwater Shots:

  • Students have asked for more ways of creative film making and Paul Papadonis will deliver! The vast world under the water’s surface will come to life for all to enjoy with a video camera and housing specially designed to capture life below the sea. The Film Making class, the Film Club and the Surf Club will be working on their movie and you will be able to enjoy the show at the Fine Arts Festival Evening in March.

NEML/AMC Competitions:

  • Thanks to Virginia Giordano’s grant, students will participate in contests testing math skills and critical thinking/problem solving strategies. The students are able to compete not only within the school but also with other schools throughout New England.

Traveling Art Exhibition:

  • Under the leadership of Paul Papadonis, art students will have the opportunity to submit their work to the ‘Traveling Exhibition’. If chosen, their work will be professionally matted and framed before being displayed at various businesses in and around Norwell, at the Evening for the Arts in March and at the Arts in Bloom exhibition in the NHS Library in May.

Artist in Residence:

  • Over a five day period, professional artist, Ester Maschio will continue to share her love of printmaking with Deanne Noiseaux’s high school art students. In turn, they will create their own monoprints which will be put together in a wall hanging to be displayed at the school.