2005 Grants

Cole School

Measure Up:

  • Learning about linear and liquid measurements, weights, temperature, rocks, crystals, wood and plants can only be done hands on when you are in Mrs. Eppich’s second grade. Measuring tools, scales and microscopes will make it possible for all second graders to see that there are many methods to take an accurate measurement in a science lab.

Exploring the Elements of Music:

  • All Cole School students will have a chance to explore the elements of music through the use of Orff-Schulwerk instruments such as xylophones, metallophones and glockenspiels..

It’s About Time:

  • Time and money.Cole School kindergarteners will never be late again after learning to tell time with their own mini clocks. In addition, after using coin stamps to learn at school, they will be able to count your loose change at home.

Vinal School

Bring Writing to Life:

  • All fifth grade students develop their writing skills focusing on a set of specific goals. Teachers at the Vinal School will now implement the 6 Traits Writing Program designed to provide accurate feedback on their students level of ideas, organization, voice, word choices, sentence fluency and conventions..

Traveling Tales:

  • Mrs. Stone’s first grade students are quickly becoming avid readers of all levels. Now, they will bring their talents home and share what they are reading in school with their family, making the home-school link stronger.s.

Location, Location, Location:

  • With maps loaded on these GPS systems, Mrs. Blakes’s students can use the latitude and longitude to show the direction of travel and location of many important events in history such as the Underground Railroad, the Oregon Trail, the Pilgrim’s voyage and many battles fought on US soil.

Norwell Middle School

Enhanced Extra Curriculum:

  • School nurse, Lorraine Smith, is determined make sure that all students have the opportunity to participate in extra curricular activities. Programs such as Best Buddies, Unified Sports, Special Olympics, culinary arts and drama, will now be available at the Middle School so every child can be involved in the school community.

World History and Multimodal Connections:

  • In Marla Hersey’s social studies class maps, reference books, timelines and quests all help to explain the world as it was between the fall of the Roman Empire and the Reformation. This multimedia approach to learning will help all students better understand how history was shaped.

Reading with CD’s:

  • The audio-visual approach to learning has proven to have great benefits for those students who struggle to read. Improved comprehension will build confidence in and enthusiasm for reading.

Human Body Systems:

  • Covering material related to the human body and its many systems is very interesting to Mr. Bossa’s students but at the same time very difficult because of the level of sophisticated vocabulary. Hands-on lab activities help tackle these technical terms and make them far more meaningful

The Diary of a Young Girl:

  • Learning about the Holocaust can be daunting, even for the most advanced reader. Mrs. Calorio’s accelerated English students are up for the challenge of analyzing Anne Frank’s diary. In the end, they will be writing of their reaction to what they have learned.

Norwell High School

Graphic Technology:

  • In support of technological advance, students in Paul Papadonis’s class will learn limitless possibilities in graphic design and illustration with this new computer program. The quality of their work will be seen throughout the schools as they produce their own graphics products.

Artist in Residence:

  • Someone who earns a living in the field of art and has a unique viewpoint and expertise, allowing students the opportunity to pursue their interest as a professional artist, will guide aspiring young. This year, Ester Maschio will continue to share her love of printmaking with Deanne Noiseaux’s high school art students. In turn, they will create their own monoprints which will be put together in a wall hanging that will be displayed at the school.

NEML/AMC Competitions:

  • Thanks to Jay Swartz’s grant, students will participate in contests testing math skills using critical thinking and problem solving strategies. The students will be able to compete not only within the school but also with other schools throughout New England.

Heart Rate:

  • High School students in Anatomy and Physiology, Biology and Physical Education classes will gain hands on knowledge of the human heart using heart rate monitors which will track the progress of exercise goals..

Artist in Residence:

  • Over a five day period, professional artist, Ester Maschio will continue to share her love of printmaking with Deanne Noiseaux’s high school art students. In turn, they will create their own monoprints which will be put together in a wall hanging to be displayed at the school.