2006 Grants

Cole School

Hatch Pond Outdoor Classroom:

  • All grade levels benefited from having use of this natural resource to enhance classroom teaching through hands-on experiences. The science curriculum was strengthened by enabling students to actively explore their own environment right at the school.

Technology Integration and Enrichment of American History:

  • 5th graders were able to more personally experience history as if “in the making” via the integration of audio CDs, placards, overheads and internet connections. They experienced a real 1776 town meeting and a Civil War press conference, as well as participated in a Virtual History Museum.

It’s About Time:

  • Time and money.Cole School kindergarteners will never be late again after learning to tell time with their own mini clocks. In addition, after using coin stamps to learn at school, they will be able to count your loose change at home.

Vinal School

Master the Facts with Flashmaster:

  • Students in grades 2 through 5 were able to experience a more interesting way of mastering rote memorization of math facts via a computer product that is a digital alternative to flashcards.

Alternative Activities for Recess:

  • Open to all Vinal students, this program involved community members offering volunteer time to provide students with options during recess. Gardening and knitting were two programs developed.

Harmonic Awareness in the Music Classroom:

  • All students in grades 3, 4 and 5 were given the opportunity to accompany songs in music class using contra bass bars. Through the use of these bars, children were able to more readily hear and control chord changes, as well as experience new musical instruments.

Norwell Middle School

Boys Read:

  • Grades 6, 7 and 8 boys were offered a broader array of book choices with this grant that added Science Fiction & Fantasy, Call to Adventure, Sports novels, and Classics to their library options. Almost 100 new books in total!

Norwell High School

Cardio for All:

  • All students at the High School now have the opportunity to ride new stationary bikes and run on a treadmill during and after school to aid in sports performance, injury rehabilitation, weight management and overall fitness.

Alternative Energy:

  • This was a new Senior Elective that allowed students to gain an appreciation of alternative energy, its costs and benefits, and the effectiveness of such alternatives at different local area sites. Solar Energy, Wind Energy, Water, Plants and Electricity were all explored.

Mathematics Competitions:

  • This grant covered a fee that allowed our high school students to compete against 31 other schools in the South Shore Mathematics League, American High School Math League and New England Math League Competition.

Build a Shed:

  • 50 students received materials to design and build a shed that was then raffled off at a school fundraiser.

Norwell Reads:

  • To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee was the literary focus of a town-wide project encouraging students and adults in Norwell to all read the same book at the same time. Events around town were planned in accordance with the reading, with NEF money covering books, printing and guest speaker costs.

Incorporating Cooperative Strategies Using Wireless Buzzers:

  • Cooperative learning is a product of effective teaching, aided by an inclusionary and heterogeneous classroom. The purchase of a wireless receiver and six buzzers allowed Latin students to “buzz in” and answer questions put to their specifically designed groups.

Artist in Residence:

  • Students in grades 9 through 12 enjoyed local Scituate painter Sergio Roffo’s daily presence in school as another year of a live-in artist was funded by NEF. The annual Spring Art Show demonstrates the impact this individual has on Norwell students.

Human Development Project/Parenting Simulation:

  • Introduction to Psychology students experienced a very realistic parenting exercise with the purchase of RealCare babies that demanded feedings, diaper changing and comfort contact. Internal software recorded levels of care and neglect, making for an accurate evaluation of the simulation.