2007 Grants

Cole School

Did You Hear That?:

  • The Cole School has a wonderful performance arena, but lacked the appropriate sound system for the variety of performances that take place there. NEF was able to fund the purchase of headsets, a variety of microphones, and wireless sound systems so that students are properly amplified, and the audience can hear all aspects of their concerts, plays and talent shows.

Vinal School

Writer’s Workshop:

  • Third graders are able to share their creative writing with a greater audience – the entire Vinal School. A school magazine will now be published, with select articles and stories submitted to national publications and web sites.

Norwell Middle School

Strategy Notebooks:

  • Grades 6, 7 and 8 Special Education students now have an enhanced learning tool with Strategy Notebooks. These notebooks reflect each student’s particular study skills, offer process visuals, and also include tapes of lectures on CD. It’s a one-stop means of reinforcing cognitive strategies, as well as fostering motivation.

At Home Pronunciation and Speaking Practice in French:

  • 7th and 8th grade French students each now have a CD of their own that contains pronunciation and phonetic exercises, plus dialogues and dictations for practicing idiomatic uses of vocabulary. Further, they also have their own blank CDs to record their spoken work at home and in school. Once students master the basics of French phonetics, they gain an amazing sense of confidence in speaking, and their listening skills automatically improve as well.

World History I Multicultural Connections:

  • The essential question asked in the 8th grade World History I course is “What is the function of a belief system in shaping a culture?” NEF helps answer this by bringing in two drumming groups from Japan and Africa to perform for the students, visually and audibly demonstrating the traditions of drumming and oral rhythms in Asian and African cultures.

Norwell High School

Health and Wellness:

  • Yoga classes now have comfortable mats to exercise on, and strength training uses the medicine balls, bands and dumbbells on a daily basis. The addition of plyometric boxes and exercise DVDs has made the athletic department in the high school more popular, and students more comfortable working out in front of their peers.

Mathematics Competitions:

  • Approximately 60-70 students benefit from having entry fees covered allowing them to compete against 31 other schools in the South Shore Mathematics League, the American High School League, and the New England Math League.

Video Camera DTE Recorders:

  • The television classes have started producing a news show broadcast to the town every other Thursday. “Norwell Behind the Scenes” details school events and achievements. The purchase of two portable DTE (direct to edit) units for the television cameras at the high school allows simultaneous editing and filming, freeing up students to concentrate on the journalism aspect of the newscast as opposed to being mired in the technical lags.

History Alive:

  • This academic year is the first to align American History I with MCAS testing. The History Alive program funded by NEF is an exciting way to engage students of all learning styles and abilities by tapping into individual interests as they study the colonial era up through the industrialization period. Current and future Norwell High School students will benefit both academically, as well as socially, from this civic-minded approach to learning history.

Using Podcasts:

  • Podcasts, which are digital recordings that are uploaded to the Internet, have become a popular way of communicating ideas and information to both small and large audiences. A grant from NEF helped in the creation of a Podcasting Station at the High School. Initially this will afford learning activities that result in student-created Podcasts that may be shared or archived on the Internet. Teacher-created Podcasts can range from recording a lecture to pre-recorded homework assignments, project directions or study guides. In the future, an entire library of Podcasts may be available for both student and teacher perusal, easily downloaded.

Artist in Residence:

  • Pete Madden is a teacher at the Museum School in Boston where he makes books. Several have been purchased by museums, and one was purchased exclusively for Harvard University’s rare book collection. A NEF grant brings Mr. Madden into the High School to help students learn about book making with various materials and in various styles. Final work will be displayed at the school and in the Art Show.


  • In support of the High School’s technology initiatives, Macintosh computers have been purchased with the help of NEF funding to support a multimedia course now being offered. Film making becomes simplified with Imovie, Iphoto and music making software installed on the Macs, allowing film making to be an option in response to project assignments.