2008 Grants

Cole School

Hands On” the Soprano Xylophone:

  • With the purchase of an additional soprano xylophone, each child will have access to a barred Orff-Schulwerk instrument, which are shared in music class. Students learn the concepts of rhythm, melody, harmony, timbre, and musical form through the use of these instruments.

Vinal School

Orff Schulwerk Program Charts and Visuals to Enhance the First and Second Grade Music Curriculum:

  • These charts and visuals supplement the “Gameplan” curriculum, which is based on the Orff Schulwerk philosophy of teaching music, which is experiential. These quality charts and visuals clarify and reinforce concepts being introduced and reviewed.

Norwell Middle School

Explore Learning:

  • Seventh graders will have access to this website that has simulations to model science and math concepts for the 2008-2009 school year. The program aligns well to both math and science frameworks and the state and national level. Using this website would allow students to model and observe problems in an interactive situation that would not otherwise be available. Teachers will use the website as a supplementary activity to lessons in the computer lab and in class as a demonstration using the smart boards.

Norwell High School

Technology for Differentiated Instruction of Science:

  • This project funded the purchase of an additional video projector to improve access of science classrooms to these learning tools. As visual aides this equipment provides opportunities for differentiation of instruction and reinforcement of science concepts. The use of video projectors also allows students to observe simulations or video clips of systems and demonstrations that would otherwise be impractical in the classroom.

Mathematics Competitions:

  • This grant pays the fee for 60-70 Norwell High School students to compete against 33 other schools in the South Shore Mathematics League. By doing well in different meets, the students will advance to other math competitions, hoping to repeat their success of the past year when they made the play-offs and won their division.

Read in French! Read in Spanish!:

  • Students of French and Spanish will practice their skills by applying what they learn in the classroom to actual use of the language. This grant provides Scholastic monthly magazines that come with and interactive language CD. The readers contain articles about current cultural topics that appeal to the teen interest level and are based on the students’ ability level within the target language. The articles broaden student understanding of various cultures, spark discussions, and challenge students to learn more about the cultures of the different places that the language they are learning is spoken.

Connecting Student Interests with World Cultures Through Visual Art:

  • Andrew Jacob, a practicing Fine Artist, will spend four days in art classes as an artist in residence. Mr. Jacob’s work deals extensively with his love of the ocean and its connection to the Asian and Irish cultures. He will share his works with students and guide them in researching a foreign culture and combine that with their personal interests in the form of a finished work of arts. The finished work pieces will by displayed at the NHS annual art exhibit at the James Library.