2009 Grants

Cole School

World Explorer Continent Map Rugs:

  • Second grade teachers will use the continent map classroom rugs as a teaching tool during the study of the continents. The students will be able to physically stand on the continents and move east, west, north or south to another continent. The rugs provide another modality for students to learn the continent names and locations.

Gameboard-Interactive Displays for the Music Classroom:

  • Eight visual displays increase student understanding of rhythmic and melodic concepts of music. The kit includes a xylophone visual with 16 removable letters, a body percussion staff with 4 movable pieces, a solfege ladder with 11 removable pieces, 12 recorder fingering charts, 8 hand signal cards, 24 barred instrument signs, 32 unpitched percussion signs, and 17 music symbol cards. The bulletin board components provide visual aides so that student can better understand pentatonic scales, isolate groups of pitches and learn scale patterns.

Vinal School

Potting Shed:

  • Vinal School adult and student gardeners will have the use of an outdoor potting shed built by students at the high school. The shed will be used to teach students about how to grow and nurture plants from seeds and will complement science units on plants, observation, climate, and weather. 

Norwell Middle School

Brain Pop:

  • This year Middle School students have access to this interactive website that has short informative videos about many topics in English, math, science, history, technology, and health. Teachers can use the website to introduce or review a topic or help in the explanation of a complex idea. Interactive quizzes, suggested activities and graphic organizers are available. Students enjoy watching these videos that are accurate and appropriate for their age level.

Norwell High School

Calculator Projector:

  • Chemistry teachers are able to show the students exactly what their calculators should look like when working on complicated mathematical problems together. Without the calculator projector, when students had difficulty using their own calculators, the teacher would have to spend time going from one person to another to show what was plugged into the calculator. The calculator projector serves as an efficient and effective learning visual aid.

Weather Station:

  • The weather station is used to collect daily information about barometric pressure, temperature, humidity, rainfall, wind and speed and direction. For earth science, the students will compare the actual data collected to weather maps as they learn the symbols and terminology of predicting weather. For energy and the environment, students will collect long-term weather and climate data to track such phenomena as global warming and its effects on local weather. Long term wind direction and speed can be used to help determine the feasibility of installing wind turbines at Norwell High School.

Congressman John Lewis and Civil Rights:

  • NEF will help fund Congressman Lewis for three separate assemblies during the observance of the annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Assembly. He is one of the remaining Civil Rights leaders who would share his experiences of being beaten and arrested for standing up for what he believed in. He also knew Dr. King personally. His presentation will make history come alive for students.