2010 Grants

Elementary Music

Music for the 21st Century:

  • Purchase of an IPOD Nano and an IPOD/DVD Entertainment System will allow a compilation of files of all CD’s used in music classes, the purchase of individual songs that correlate with the music curriculum. In addition to use in classes, the entertainment system will be used as accompaniment in concerts.

Gameboard-Interactive Displays for the Music Classroom:

  • Eight visual displays increase student understanding of rhythmic and melodic concepts of music. The kit includes a xylophone visual with 16 removable letters, a body percussion staff with 4 movable pieces, a solfege ladder with 11 removable pieces, 12 recorder fingering charts, 8 hand signal cards, 24 barred instrument signs, 32 unpitched percussion signs, and 17 music symbol cards. The bulletin board components provide visual aides so that student can better understand pentatonic scales, isolate groups of pitches and learn scale patterns.

Norwell High School

Mathematics Competition:

  • Club dues and entry fees providing access to the South Shore Mathematics League, American High School Math League, the New England Mathematics Competition and the American High School Competition.

Digital Photography:

  • In the Studio, “Studio Methods and Materials”: Lorraine Kourafas, a successful and well known professional photographer, will be a guest instructor, sharing her expertise with students on studio methods and materials of photography regarding product and portrait photography.

Support for the School Department’s updated 2010-2015 Strategic Plan:

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) initiative:

NEF awarded a $25,000 grant to the Norwell Public Schools which will enable the purchase many of the materials necessary to implement and enhance the curriculum and programs in all four schools including digital microscopes and electronic balance scales for the high school labs, digital scales and Building Math teacher guides for the middle school engineering program, and iPads to support problem-solving activities in the elementary schools. With these purchases, classrooms and labs will be equipped with the necessary resources to teach STEM curricula. In addition, the district will be able to provide relevant professional development for teachers by offering a STEM course in the spring.