2011 Grants

Elementary School

Space Update:

  • 3rd graders will study space and technology with updated posters, DVD’s and related materials.

The Excitement of Learning with iPads in the Classroom:

  • iPads allow individual students or groups to access text books, take and share notes, create graphic organizers, book mark and highlight text, experience real-time and up to date discoveries, access information by a tap of a finger, or play a game to reinforce skills. Shared, it can be passed or gathered around, a great introduction to technology for the fifth grade.

Middle School

Smart Music Software Implementation:

  • Differentiated, evidence-based instruction at it’s finest. SmartMusic allows teachers to create assignments based around passages or exercises of choice to an entire class, a particular section or individual students.

Kindle The Minds:

  • Sixth graders of all reading levels can have access to a vast bookshelf of titles, as well as high-interest magazines and nonfiction, or catch up on a popular series.

Refining Reading Intervention:

  • The Benchmark Assessment System will provide additional data to teachers on reading and comprehension levels. Results will allow for targeted small group instruction and effective intervention for individuals.

Norwell High School

The History of Our Community:

  • Through reading, Samuel H Olson’s A Narrative of South Scituate and Norwell 1849-1963 students will make the connection between their community and world events. Understanding how the small Norwell community has been affected by the Civil and World Wars and other events promotes
    students’ global awareness.

CO2 Laser Plotting:

  • Students in engineering and robotics will use new cutting edge technology for prototyping and design. Students design their work using computer tools then create their designs with computer controlled manufacturing tools like laser plotters. The CO2 laser CNC machine allows students to experience this new technology first hand.

Artist in Residence:

  • Students will have the opportunity to explore techniques in jewelry making from professional artist, Andrea Williams. Their finished work will be displayed at the NHS Fine Art Festival in May.

Bringing Technology to Student Services:

  • Introducing technology to students through the use of ipads and SmartPens. This allows students to become more independent both academically and personally.

Mathematics Competition:

  • Funding of club dues and entry fees provide access to the South Shore Mathematics League, American High School Math League, the New England Mathematics Competition and the American High School Competition.