2013 Grants

Elementary School


I think I can, I think I can.  iPad…..I can!!”

Kindergarten students will use ipads in their classroom. The portability of the ipads along with the many applications available make them perfect learning tools for transitioning our kindergarteners to future  technology.

Harmonic Awareness in the Music Classroom

3rd, 4th and 5th grade students will accompany songs using the four contra bass bars acquired in a previous grant and additional contra bass bars to complete the set. This allows for different chord changes and better harmonic awareness.

Making Math Accessible for All Students

Math curriculum will be more accessible for special needs and RTI students by using the iPad and specially designed mathematics applications to practice math skills. Students will have specialized math worksheets targeting their skill level to use jointly with the iPads.

Myths and Readers Theater

3rd graders will explore myths through Readers Theater, an age appropriate, high-interest adaptation of The Odyssey, and a high-interest, illustrated book of famous heroes and heroines in Greek Mythology.

High School


Phys Ed Safety

Padded poles used to hold up volleyball and badminton nets will make playing these games safer and more comfortable for high school physical education classes.

Jewelry Course Enhancements

Purchase of equipment for the jewelry and metalsmithing course will make students have a richer and more successful experience. Using the higher quality materials tools NHS art and tech ed students will make a strong showing at local and national Scholastic Arts Competitions.

Our Choice

Senior level science text book “Energy and the Environment” will be supplemented using Al Gore’s book “Our Choice” speaking to solar, wind, geothermal and biofuels.

Mathematics Competition

Funding of club dues and entry fees provides access to the South Shore Mathematics League, American High School Math League, the New England Mathematics Competition and the American High School Competition.

Incorporating iPad Technology to the Special Needs Classroom

iPads will be used to support recognition learning, provide multiple, flexible methods of presentation, expression and engagement for special education students.

Membean Vocabulary

The Membean website provides students with a tailored vocabulary program to prepare them for grade 12, SAT and college. Membean provides mnemonic devices to help students place vocabulary into their long-term memory.

National Academic Quiz Tournaments

The National Academic Quiz Tournament Association sponsors trivia tournaments for high school students.  Joining NAQT allows those students interested in trivia and academic competitions the opportunity to compete in various tournaments throughout the year.

Artist in Residence: Life Size Puppet Making and a Show

Artist in residence Anne Cubberly will work with high school art students in making life size puppets and creating a puppet show for elementary students and their parents at our Fine Arts Festival 2013.