2015 Grants

More to Math with Legos!

The 1st and 2nd graders at Vinal Elementary School are learning math with Legos! That’s right. Adding and subtracting concepts are reinforced by manipulating different color Legos. Individual or small group instruction is achieved in a tactical game or whole group instruction is also available with the accompanying software available for a white board.

Norwell High School Math Team

Students from the high school participate as a team in several competitions throughout the year. We are also a host location. All of these competitions require entry fees which are generously covered through our foundation. We hope that the students of the math team and Mu Alpha Theta continue to challenge themselves and stay at the top of their division!

Thermal Imaging Cameras

Two FLIR ONE cameras are being used at the middle school to uncover both cold and warming properties in both science and technology. These thermal imagers attach to an iPhone and allow students across all grades hands-on and observational experiences. These devices are providing benefits in learning aligned with the Massachusetts science standards as well as Norwell’s STEM initiative.

3D Printer

We are excited to support a grant for 3D printing technology at the high school. This cutting edge technology can produce 3D images which can be used across several curriculum areas such as technology, engineering, jewelry and will support Norwell’s new Robotics team. Imagine the robotics team being able to replicate a part in 3D to use in one of their projects! Our students are benefitting from the same technology that is currently gaining momentum in research and development sectors at large manufacturing corporations as well.