2016 Grants


Colorful multiplication stairs were installed on the back stairway at the Vinal School.  They add color to the stairway and promote fluency in a fun way. Teachers can use it as an interactive lesson for students learning their multiplication facts.



All kindergarten classrooms received dramatic play areas to better meet the social/emotional developmental needs of our students.  Puppet theater, post office, tool kits, doll houses, camping sets and kitchens are just a few of the many additions to the kindergarten classrooms.  Dramatic play gives students the opportunity to express their creativity, cooperate with their peers, control impulses and learn in a variety of different settings.  All of this happens within the classroom setting that has a basic structure provided by the teacher to support the acquisition of grade level learning standards.



Explore Learning is a subscription based service in which students can access “gizmos” via a computer or iPad.  These “gizmos” along with the worksheets that guide them, give students a more hands on and visual approach to learning about a topic. They cover topics of science, including science skills in measurement, and the scientific method.  The simulations allow for more application of the principals than class time will allow.



One middle school classroom received four stand up desks to give students a choice of being able to stand during class.  These desks have a swinging foot bar that allows students a noise free output for expending their natural energy, burning calories and fidgeting. These desks gives students the opportunity to move, be more focused and comfortable.





Lexia Learning empowers educators through adaptive assessment and personalized instruction. Teachers are able to differentiate instruction for students to meet their reading level. It is a fun and interactive way for students to learn using the computer or iPad.




In order to build a collaborative spirit in the classroom, a third and fourth grade class have put away the traditional desks and opted for tables and rugs in order to build a classroom community of shared supplies, work spaces and quiet reading areas.  These simple tables and chairs will allow for the creation of great learning spaces and a shift from the “my supplies” and “my pencil” to “our supplies and “our rug” and “our community”



This grant supports the enrichment of the classroom environment by providing materials to organize classroom libraries.  All classroom libraries will have browsing bins/bags for individual students to encourage them to have a collection of reading materials appropriate for their reading level and interest.  This environment will have students actively engaged in a variety of reading and writing activities to support their reading growth.



VoiceThread is an enhanced slide show program in which students record audio or videos of themselves to comment on slides.  It can be used as a storytelling tool and enables students to comment back to one another on a lesson they have learned.  It is an incredibly useful tool in education.  VoiceThread can be used by teachers as well as students, and is currently being used in colleges and universities as well.


Students will have various opportunities to participate in math contests and activities throughout the year.  These contests allow students to challenge themselves mathematically and explore higher level math. Contests funded are NEML, AMC, and Olympiad. The math honor society is also supported