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Since our inception in 1992, the purpose and objective of the Norwell Education Foundation has been to support educational activities and programs that encourage academic excellence for all students in the Norwell public schools. We aim to inspire educators to create innovative ideas that enrich curriculum and empower educators, students, and the community to bring these ideas to life.


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Show your appreciation for a teacher, coach, administrator or staff member that has made a positive impact on your child’s education through a contribution to the NEF


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The NEF's goal is to fund grants that educate, enrich, and inspire excellence in every student in the public school system. All educators are strongly encouraged to apply.

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Lego Math Kits

"Students in grades 1 and 2 are learning so much with the Lego math kits generously funded by the Norwell Education Fund grant.  They are exploring concepts such as data and graphing, adding and subtracting, and patterns- all while having fun.  In grade 1, students have  built and analyzed patterns with stairs while Grade 2 students used skip counting to help their Lego friends run around the track.  Because of this generous NEF grant, students are able to engage in great math discourse and develop skills in the Mathematical Practices."

Amy Severance

Vinal School Math Specialist and Coordinator

Infrared Cameras

"I am grateful for the support from the Norwell Education Foundation for the funding of the thermal infrared camera project. The cameras have been instrumental in helping students to visualize heat transfer and to apply that knowledge to improving performance in the physical sciences. Using the cameras, students can now see convection and conduction in action, as well as visualize energy changes due to chemical reactions. The NEF funding has allowed us to innovate and pioneer new experiments using this new and exciting technology."

Jim Britton

Grade 8 Science, Norwell Middle School

Reality Works Babies


"Thank you Norwell Education Foundation! Your grants have allowed me to bring the developmental psychology unit “alive” with the purchase of RealCare Babies. The RealCare Babies have internal computer simulators that require our students to feed, burp, change, and comfort them on a random schedule. While we learn about the Harlow and Ainsworth and other studies, students reflect on how their parenting can demonstrate the psychological principles learned in class."

Julie Fox

Psychology Teacher, Norwell High School

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Norwell Education Foundation 

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Katharine Scheid - Vice President

Julie McCormick - Treasurer

Suzy Perez - Secretary

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Alicia Bertoni-Hickey 

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