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Rockstar Program

The Rockstar program allows you to show your appreciation to the amazing Norwell Public School educators and staff members that nurture and support our students every day. It is a meaningful way to honor and acknowledge the people who make a difference in the educational lives of our children.






Congratulations to all of the Rockstar Educators that were recognized in previous years. 


Parents and other community members are encouraged to make a donation to the Norwell Education Foundation on behalf of a Norwell Public School Rockstar This can be done at any time throughout the year, to recognize and thank them. A Rockstar recognition letter with your personal message and a small gift will be hand-delivered to your chosen Rockstar educator by a member of the Norwell Education Foundation.  To acknowledge your Norwell Public School Rockstar, provide the information below. 

Thank you for supporting our educators & The Norwell Education Foundation! Your donation directly supports our teachers and students by funding educational grants that foster academic excellence in the Norwell Public Schools.

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