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30 Years OF NEF






Happy 30th ANniversary! 

Help us celebrate 30 years of the Norwell Education Foundation by donating $30 on the 30th day of each month.   Since our inception in 1992, the purpose and objective of the Norwell Education Foundation has been to support educational activities and programs that encourage academic excellence for all students in the Norwell public schools. Over the last 30 years, NEF has funded over 300 grants worth more than $500,000 to help achieve these goals!  


To celebrate our three decades of service to the Norwell Public Schools, the NEF is setting a goal of funding 30 grant requests for the 2021-2022 school year. This is an ambitious number, but one we believe we can achieve with the support of the community and the Norwell Public School’s faculty and staff. These grants help teachers bring their lessons alive for students and inspire them to try new and innovative educational programs. We are excited about our ambitious goal, but we can’t do it alone.  Please donate today to help make this goal a reality!

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